Youth Activating Cream

Youth Activating Cream
A powerful cream to smooth and tighten the pretentious skin. The functionality of the dermis will improve perceptible thanks to the rich formula of vitamin A (support the cell function), vitamin E (anti-oxidant) and bean extracts (regenerating).

Soy Proteins

Soy proteins is derived from soybeans and has long been considered the anti-ageing jewel from China, going back hundreds of years. It is full of proteins and nutrients, making it an ideal ingredient in skin care products with anti-ageing benefits like the promotion of the collagen stimulation and production.


Natural soy proteins helps to boost the skins own collagen production and raise the skin’s hyaluronic level. The result is a reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles, noticeably firmer skin, a more even skin tone and the feeling of intensely moisturized and nourished skin.