V Killer Ultra Hand Treatment

V Killer Ultra Hand Treatment
V Killer Ultra Hand Treatment (CE Certification) combines scientific research and refining technology with 100% efficient natural repair ingredients, the formula contains oat extract and microalgae extract, which can exert soothing and calming effects, promote skin to restore balance; adding chamomile extract with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects which can quickly replenish skin hydration through vitamin B5, antioxidant through vitamin E; coconut oil and avocado oil that deeply nourishes the skin and forms a lipid protective layer.
After the application, it feels like wearing a pair of invisible protective gloves to isolate bacteria and viruses and heal fragile skin simultaneously. Suitable for dehydrated, cracked, sensitive, eczema and dermatitis.

Oat Extract

Effectively soothes sensitive, dehydrated, cracked, eczema, and dermatitis promotes skin repair.