Time Reset Elixir Oil

Time Reset Elixir Oil
Time Reset Elixir Oil gives the most vitality and energy to the skin, provides the repairing power to the fragile and relaxing collagen which blocks the aging process. The Oil works wonders for its ability to strengthen fragile skin and soothe irritations, whether visible or invisible. Designed to be used post cosmetic procedures, this is a true skin saviour for its ultra kind touch. Naturally healing, it guarantees a visibly radiant renewal.
The ultimate Moisturizing Sensation with deep penetrating properties. Botanical extracts better known as “Dragon’s Blood” combat the visible signs of aging caused by environmental pollution, toxic UV radiation etc.

Hydrolyzed Collagen

Hydrolyzed collagen contains nutrients necessary for the human metabolism.  Provides skin with vitality and energy for the ability to repair fragile and relaxed collagen.  It can generate deep nourishment for smooth skin to delay the aging process.  Suitable for any skin type.