Hydra-Intense SOS mask

20ml x 5pieces
Hydra-Intense SOS mask
Hydra-Intense SOS Mask provides maximum hydration and long-lasting moisture to even the most dehydrated and skin aging caused by Urban Stress. A proprietary Ectoin and Carnosine are 100% natural and multifunctional "Urban Protection" active ingredients specially developed to deal with the challenging conditions for our skin in modern life. It protects the skin from pollution-induced damage and skin aging wrinkle formation, pigmentation, and dryness. It has proven skin barrier properties and reduces skin irritations and inflammation, a must-have mask that fits "You" with long-term efficacy.

Foeniculum Vulgare (Fennel) Fruit Extract

The seeds of fennel are used for their anti-inflammatory, deep-cleansing, detoxifying, revitalizing, antimicrobial, and circulatory stimulant properties. The active constituents of fennel seed include terpenes, fatty acids, protein, flavonoids, phenol carboxylic acids, and coumarins. Best for normal to dry and mature skin, fennel seed is used in facial steams, cleansers, soaps, anti-wrinkle creams, and lotions. It also helps to calm unevenly colored or blotchy skin. 

Quercus Robur Root Extract

Oak bark (Quercus robur), also known as white oak, comes from the bark of a tree in the Fagaceae family. The bark from the oak tree, the only part that is used medicinally, is harvested from March to April. White oak bark is recognized as an herbal remedy that is generally safe and is listed on the FDA's GRAS list—meaning “generally recognized as safe.” The German Commissioner has approved the use of oak bark for the treatment of diarrhea, and it has been listed on the US Pharmacopoeia since 1916 for its astringent and antiseptic qualities. Oak bark is known for its strong astringent properties and for treating infections of the mouth, bleeding gums, acute diarrhea, skin conditions, wounds, burns, and cuts.