Dragon's Blood Active Hydrating Complex (Gold)

Dragon's Blood Active Hydrating Complex (Gold)
Dragon's Blood Active Hydrating Complex is an intensely concentrated repair serum made of Dragon’s Blood. This strengthening formula lifts, firms, and brightens the complexion, while smoothing lines and wrinkles. Experience younger, energized skin that is protected from environmental pollution and future signs of aging. Its powerful repairing ability to regenerate. It can quickly repair damaged skin and improve eczema and skin inflammation.

Dragon's Blood Tree

The longest-lived plant on earth, the Dragon's Blood Tree (Peruvian croton tree), has an average age of 8,000 years. It has been regarded as a treasure since through the ages. Its red resin is the most precious. Its tremendous effect of improving blood circulation is recorded in Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica". It has the effects of treating cardiovascular diseases, ulcers and inflammation. Its resin extraction contains the following three major myotropins:

  • Proanthocyanidins: potent antioxidants, 50 times more vitamin E, 20 times more vitamin C, can effectively fight aging
  • Taskinine: a potent repairing power that promotes fibroblast metabolism and accelerates wound healing
  • Lignophenol: promotes collagen synthesis, reduces fine lines and enhances skin elasticity