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Hydra-Intense Booster

The ultimate Moisturizing Sensation with deep penetrating properties. Botanical extracts better known as “Dragon’s Blood” combat the visible signs of aging caused by environmental pollution, toxic UV radiation

Hydra-Intense Balancing Oil

This unique Oil Serum perfects the delicate balance of oils and Rooibos plant extracts in a hydrolipidic formula to stimulate vital functions: hydration, repair, nutrition, regeneration and protection to take your skin to the next level of a crystal-clear look

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Hydra-Intense Essence

A high effective concentrate to improve the skin softness and flexibility. Hyaluronic acid optimizes the moisture balance and the moisture binding ability of your skin. The skin turns up smoother and tended. A milk protein promotes the regeneration process. Aloe, Panthenol and Allantoin provide care and protection for you skin

Time Reset Wrinkle Killer

A secret Acetyl-Hexapeptides-8 formula, combined with Oyster Extract and Vitamin A. This perfect wrinkle treatment reduces fine lines, smooths wrinkles and offers amazing moisturizing and balancing effects. A revolutionary product, a real milestone in the latest cosmetic science, well ahead of famous injection treatments.

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Time Reset Lifting Cream

The exclusive ingredients of the formulation stimulate the natural skin-cell renewal process and ease wrinkles and lines. Due to the natural extract substitutes the muscle fibers at the skin surface are smoothened. This cream is rich on moisture and supplies the skin with superior lipids. Skin’s lifting in the natural way.