Power Infusion Soothing Oil

Power Infusion Soothing Oil
Squalane is a moisture factor which is not greasy, refreshing and skin-friendly, quickly repairing damaged keratin, forming a natural protective barrier. Combined with the excellent moisturizing effect of aloe vera leaf extract and hyaluronic acid, improving the skin with elevating moisturizing effect and roughness. It is highly effective in regulating sebum, anti-inflammatory acne, and reducing redness and sensitivity. It is also rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, which greatly enhances skin's elasticity and softness.


Squalene is a moisturizing component that quickly repairs damaged keratin and forms a natural protective barrier. It is very effective in regulating sebum, anti-inflammatory acne, reducing redness and sensitive skin. Contains vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids to enhance skin elasticity and softness.